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Seymour Road Academy, Clayton. 

FREE Community classes

11-11.40am - Mum & Baby Yoga

11.45 - 12.20pm - Baby Massage

These classes can be booked by emailing myself directly.


Briscoe Lane Academy, Newton Heath

FREE Community classes

1pm-1.45pm - Mum & Baby Yoga

1.45pm - 2.15pm Baby Massage

These classes can be booked by emailing myself directly.

Transcend Studios - Eccles


10am - Pregnancy yoga

11am - Baby yoga & Massage combination class

New parents Massage Workshop - held once a month at transcend studios.

15th June - 12.30-1.30pm

6th July - 12.30-1.30pm 

These studio classes can be booked through the studio website (button Below)



Suitable to Babies who are 6 weeks to mobile

Yoga & Massage combination class held in Eccles at Transcend studios and Baby massage FREE community class in Clayton.


Baby Massage class suitable from 6 weeks until mobile.

Baby Massage is a great way to connect and bond with your baby, through soft touch & gentle stretching. During this class we connect massage with music & rhyme to increase physical & mental development.

Benefits for baby
Aids digestions, relaxation techniques, promotes better sleep, improved bodily systems, stimulates the lymphatic system, increased mental and physical development, creates bond between baby and parent.

Benefits for parent
Confidence, relaxation, bonding

Please note massage should be avoided for 48hours post vaccinations.

Parents are to bring their own massage oil and towel for baby

Babies and Yoga


Suitable to Babies who are 8 weeks to mobile

Baby Yoga & Massage combination class held in Eccles at Transcend studios and Mum and Baby yoga FREE community class in Clayton.

A 45 minute Yoga class suitable for both parents and babies,

This class has been put together so parents can enjoy yoga with their little ones, in a fun and interactive way with gentle stretching, music and rhyme. Yoga has many benefits for both parent & child.

Benefits for baby
Promotes better sleep, improved bodily systems, increased physical & mental development, creating bond between parent & baby, introduces techniques to help your baby relax, promotes whole body muscle strength & joint flexibility.

Benefits for parent
Improves posture flexibility and strength, helps to reduce the aches & pains of lifting carrying and feeding baby, post-natal exercises to help strengthen both abdominals and pelvic floor, bonding with your little one in a fun and interactive way, great way to meet other local mums and dads.


Please where possible bring baby in a car seat or sling.

Happy Family


Perfect chance for New parents to experience a baby class together. 

New Parents baby massage workshop

Baby yoga and massage is a great way to connect and bond with your baby, through soft touch, gentle stretching and using our voices.

This class has been designed just for New parents or partners who don’t usually get to attend our classes giving them the opportunity to spend some quality time with their little one. Great if you can’t attend a weekday class or would like to attend as a couple. 

This class is suitable for babies 6-8 weeks old. Yoga and massage should be avoided for 48 hours after vaccinations.

Yoga & massage
Gentle stretching and movements to rhymes for babies.
Strengthening & breathing techniques for parents/ guardians.
Improves strength and flexibility for parents/ guardians.
Promotes better sleep patterns.
Aids digestive and nervous systems.

Helps release physical tension.
Strengthening the bond between you and your baby.
Helps you meet other parents and share experiences. A massage will end the the class leaving baby lovely and relaxed.
Parents to bring their own oil and hooded towel.

Parents are to bring their own massage oil and towel for baby

Pregnancy Yoga


Yoga for Pregnancy can have all sorts of benefits. Our gentle yoga sessions can help you get your body and mind ready for birth. You don’t need to have practiced yoga before to enjoy the benefits the class will offer you.

oga for Pregnancy is a great way to relax and spend time with your unborn baby. Learn breathing techniques, practising birthing poses and connecting with your changing body. Staying active through light exercise does your body and your baby good, through gentle movements to improve strength and energy levels and to alleviate common aches and pains. It will help you relax, sleep better. You’ll meet other mums and feel more positive and relaxed about birth. You’re welcome to join from week 14 of your pregnancy, right up until birth. The reason being we say from 14 weeks onwards is that during the first trimester you can feel very tired, and not to mention the ‘morning’ (all day) sickness! 

 We make sure our classes are a calm and supportive place to meet. Every mum to be is welcome to join our Yoga classes. Whether you’re pregnant with you first child or your seventh. We look forward to meeting you and your bump in a class soon. 

By law, you have the right to reasonable time off with full pay for pregnancy-related ('antenatal') appointments and care before you have your baby.

You have this right: from your first day of employment if you're an employee, whether you work full time or part time.

The antenatal appointments need to be on the advice of a doctor, nurse or midwife and can include:

  • scans

  • pregnancy health checks

  • relaxation classes, for example pregnancy yoga

  • parent craft classes

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Here you will find all classes available at Transcend studios. You can book online and manage your bookings here.

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